I came to America in 1974 for graduate studies in engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  After 4 years of study, I started to pursue my own American dream: I got a job, got married and helped raise my children. In 2014, I retired, which allowed me to start working on a long help goal: developing the TAIO.

The motivation for TAIO comes from these facts:

  • 90% of the worlds population live in urgban areas comprising less that 0.1% of the worlds surface
  • Global transportation problems are getting worse, year after year
  • Every year, million of people die due to problems associated with urban traffic and over congestion and there are as yet no foreseeable solutions.
  • A huge open space is being underutilized: the global surface consists of 71% water, and aerial space is vurtually unlmited, with no boundaries and curbs.